OSCE Missions and Field Operations

OSCE missions are an important instrument of multilateral diplomacy in the areas of conflict prevention and crisis management.

About 2,500 OSCE associates are currently working in 18 missions (called "missions", "offices" or "project offices") in 16 countries of South Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Mandates are agreed on in the OSCE Permanent Council by consensus, i.e. including the vote of the host country. The mandates of individual missions can take various forms, depending on the situation and needs of the host country. They comprise, inter alia, support and advisory services in the promotion of democracy and the rule of law, human rights and the rights of minorities as well as civil society development.

The Organization has a Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office for the Nagornij-Karabakh conflict. It is actively involved in efforts for a peaceful solution of the conflict in and supports the United Nations in settling the conflict in Abkhazia.

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OSCE Missions and Field Operations

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