Information on the work of the three Committees

The Chairs of the three Committees: Amb. Istrate, Amb. Zugic and Amb. Pehrman Enlarge image The Chairs of the three Committees: Amb. Istrate, Amb. Zugic and Amb. Pehrman (© OSCE/Micky Kroell)

The Permanent Council has several informal subsidiary bodies, including one committee for each of the three dimensions of the OSCE security concept (politico-military, economic and environmental, and human). The Committees meet in an informal format. They report, make recommendations to, and prepare relevant decisions for the Permanent Council. The Chairmanship appoints the Chairpersons of all three Committees.

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The Chairpersons of the three Committees in 2016 are:

  • 1st Dimension, Security Committee (SC):
    Ambassador Cristian Istrate (Romania)
  • 2nd Dimension, Economic and Environmental Committte (EEC):
    Ambassador Vuk Zugic (Serbia). He followed Ambassador Andreas Papadakis (Greece) in July 2016.
  • 3rd Dimension, Human Dimension Committee (HDC):
    Ambassador Katja Pehrman (Finland)

First OSCE Security Committee in the year of the German Chairmanship

Ambassador Pohl at the Security Committee Enlarge image Ambassador Pohl opens the first working session (© StäV) On 18 January 2016, Ambassador Pohl opened the first working session of the OSCE Security Committee. The administration of the Security Committee rests with the Romanian OSCE Ambassador, Cristian Istrate, who was confirmed in this function by the German Chairmanship at the beginning of this year.
The Security Committee is dedicated to non-military threats, so called “Transnational Threats”, and is one of the instruments of the OSCE’s First Dimension.
Here, representatives of different states discuss current issues and themes in terms of security policy and seek to find practical solutions and means of improving capabilities.
The focal points of the German OSCE Chairmanship for the Security Committee are the fight against terrorism, migration, and confidence-building measures for information and communication technologies (Cyber).

Opening of the first working session of the Economic and Environmental Committee

On 22 January 2016, H.E. Ambassador Eberhard Pohl opened this year’s first working session of the OSCE Economic and Environmental Committee. Greek OSCE Ambassador Andreas Papadakis has been head of the committee since summer 2015 and will continue to chair its meetings this year. Ambassador Pohl used the opening session to present the German Chairmanship programme for the second dimension to the delegations of all participating States. Opening of the first working session of the EEC Enlarge image Opening of the first working session of the EEC (© StäV) In the area of the economy and environment, the focus this year will be on good governance and connectivity. Under the slogan “Good Governance”, the Economic and Environmental Forum will thus work on improving the parameters for economic exchange and investments and address challenges in the area of the environment and migration, as well as the fight against corruption. Furthermore, the German OSCE Chairmanship will create impetus for  closer economic exchange in the OSCE area under the slogan “sustainable connectivity” and work towards the reduction of obstacles to cross-border cooperation. Important topic areas include transport and infrastructure, migration, access to labour markets and customs cooperation. The overall aim is that economic and environmental subjects play an even greater role in confidence-building and cooperation in the OSCE area in the future.

First working session of the HDC

First Working Session of the Human Dimension Committee

On 19 January Ambassador Pohl opened the first working session of the Human Dimension Committee. The session was headed by the Permanent Representative of Finland to the OSCE, H.E. Ambassador Katja Pehrman, who was entrusted with this task for the year 2016 by the German Chairmanship. Ambassador Pohl used the first session in order to present the programme of the German Chairmanship for the 3rd Dimension to the delegations of all participating states.

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