Young Diplomats from South and Central Asia hosted by OSCE

On 16 September Ambassador Eberhard Pohl welcomed a delegation of young diplomats from South and Central Asia in the Hofburg in Wien. The 15 young diplomats are part of the training programme for international diplomats organized by the German Foreign Office and visited the OSCE under the auspices of former ambassador Ortwin Hennig. They received insights into the work and activities of the security organization.

The programme at the OSCE was opened by David Campion, a representative of the Conflict Prevention Center, who gave the diplomats an understanding of the basic pillars of the OSCE and who in addition to this also spoke about actual challenges like the monitoring mission SMM in Ukraine. Thereafter the group visited the Forum for Security Cooperation, where all of the 57 participating OSCE states discuss important issues regarding the politico-military dimension on a weekly base. A focal point in this session: The international Arms-Trade-Treaty (ATT) – a subject that caused lively discussions among the visitors.

Conclusively the German Deputy Head of Mission, Mrs. Christiane Weil, answered the group’s questions. Amongst others things the diplomats were interested in how the Organization, which works with the consensus-principle manages to achieve decisions and how it overcomes blockades. The German Deputy Head of Mission answered that this was the main task of diplomacy: To collectively talk about the problems and to find mutual solutions. The needed equipment for this task is having talent of being patient … and having good arguments.

At lunchtime the visitors came together in the cafeteria of the Hofburg where they were welcomed by Ambassador Pohl. In an informal round with German diplomats from the Viennese OSCE-Mission as well as other OSCE-insiders the dialogue was intensified: Fortunately representatives of the Turkmen, the Kyrgyz, the Afghan and the Tajik delegations joined the group in the cafeteria and could report and inform their colleagues about their experiences at first hand.

Subsequent to the visit to the OSCE the group continued their programme on the other side of the Danube at the German Mission to the United Nations. 

Young Diplomats from South and Central Asia hosted by OSCE

Jungdiplomaten aus Zentral- uns Südasien

Training programme for international diplomats

Junge Diplomaten und Führungskräfte aus Schwellenländern zu Gast in Berlin

The training programme for international diplomats invites young diplomats from all over the world to Germany to gain professional experience, to exchange positions and to identify similarities at the very beginning of their career.

The training programme was created/founded in 1992 just after the end of the Cold War, when the diplomatic service of the young democracies in Central and Eastern Europe should/were to be strengthened by the setup of diplomatic training programmes. Later on, programmes for Afghanistan, the Mid East, Latin America, Iraq, Africa, Asia, China, Western Balkans, Belarus and Ukraine followed up. Altogether by this time more than 15 classes for about 180 countries are being offered.

Every year about 300 diplomats from all over the world are attending the programme in Berlin. And still, the request is exceeding the capacities by far.

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