“Words into Action” – Addressing Anti-Semitism

Police officers outside synagogues, schools and cafés are part of everyday Jewish life in many countries. How can we meet the security needs of Jewish communities, and what is the best way to tackle anti-Semitic hate crime?

A practical guide that has been presented in the German Parliamentary Council at the Bundestag on 15 May seeks to provide answers to these questions. The publication is entitled “Understanding Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes and Addressing the Security Needs of Jewish Communities”. It explains the main characteristics of hate crime and offers guidance for governments and civil society on how they can best respond to hate crime and meet the security needs of Jewish communities, such as by closing gaps in the recording of anti-Semitic hate crime.

Michael Link at the presentaiton of the publication Enlarge image Michael Link at the presentaiton of the publication (© OSCE/Jan Zappner) The guide was developed as part of the “Turning Words into Action” project, which promotes prevention and the fight against anti-Semitism. This initiative is overseen by the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and, with a budget of five million euros, is the largest project ever implemented by ODIHR. The project is financed exclusively with special funds from the German Bundestag.

OSCE Special Representative Gernot Erler, ODIHR Director Michael Georg Link, Member of the German Bundestag Doris Barnett and others gave opening speeches at the presentation of the guidelines in Berlin.

Find out more about the presentation of the guide here.

Background information: All OSCE participating States have pledged to resolutely combat anti-Semitism and all forms of hate crime against individuals or communities. This process is based on the OSCE’s Berlin Declaration of 2004. In this document, the OSCE States acknowledged the threat to stability and security posed by anti-Semitism in the OSCE region and pledged to take countermeasures in close cooperation with civil society.

“Words into Action”

Download the publication

Here you can download the publication in German or English language.


Speech by Dr. Erler

Here you can download the speech by Dr Erler given at the presentation of the publication.

The Project "words into action"

Here you can find more information on the "words into action" project.

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